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Information Security Basic Policy

To contribute to the development of society by providing better services, our primary responsibility is to protect the information assets provided by customers and client companies as well as our own. Therefore, A&T Corporation hereby declares the establishment and implementation of our Information Security Basic Policy.

A&T will establish an information security management system, and endeavor to appropriately manage all information assets.
Based on this Policy, A&T will establish and implement basic regulations that stipulate the basic requirements of information security, as well as management standards that stipulate the criteria for specific acts of compliance and judgments.
A&T shall identify all risks related to the Company and create a reliable information security management system through a process to lower risks to an acceptable level.
A&T shall implement education programs necessary to ensure information security.
A&T shall exercise all appropriate personal, organizational, and technical measures to prevent unauthorized invasion, leakage, falsification, loss or theft, destruction, or usage interference of information assets.
A&T shall promptly determine the cause of the problem if any problem regarding information assets occurs, and will act appropriately to minimize the damage. A&T shall also endeavor to prevent recurrence.
A&T shall fully comply with legislation and regulations regarding information security.
A&T shall regularly conduct audits to ensure compliance with all legislation and in-house regulations regarding information security.
A&T shall continuously monitor the afore-mentioned activities and endeavor to protect all information assets.

Established on March 12th, 2012
Revised on March 20th, 2014

Misaka, Shigetaka
President & CEO
A&T Corporation

Privacy Protection Policy for Personal Information

As an integrated solution provider in the laboratory testing field, A&T corporation (hereinafter “the Company”) provides customers with the best solutions for their laboratory management systems. Personal information on stakeholders, which the Company acquires through business activities, is a very important property for the Company. It is the Company’s duty to strictly protect personal information. The Company takes company-wide control of personal information to provide safety and security for stakeholders and to achieve the Company’s social responsibilities.

Basic Principle

Acquisition of Personal Information
When acquiring personal information, the Company shall;

Obtain only the necessary amount of information for the intended purpose of collection, and take measures to use it for the Company’s intended purpose only.
Use fair and lawful means.
Clarify the purpose of acquiring the information in advance.

Use and Management of Personal Information
The Company shall manage acquired personal information appropriately, limit its use and provision within the scope consented by the Company or stakeholders, and neither disclose nor provide such information to third parties. The Company shall take security measures to maintain correctness and security of personal information and to protect it from unlawful invasion, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage. The Company shall also take prompt action and preventive measures when improvement becomes necessary in case of security incident occurrences in the market or appropriate requests are made by stakeholders. In addition, the Company shall endeavor to respond appropriately and promptly to complaints and consultations.

Compliance and Continuous Maintenance of Personal Information Protection Management System
The Company shall comply with legislation and regulations concerning personal information and guidelines established by Japanese government, and shall adapt the structure of its Personal Information Protection Management System to such laws and regulations for consistent conformity. In addition, the Company shall continuously improve the structure of its Personal Information Protection Management System and always maintain the system in the best state possible through internal audits and management reviews.

Procedures related to requests for disclosure, etc.

Company shall appropriately handle requests for disclosure in the following cases made by stakeholders in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law and JISQ15001.
– In the case of a request for notification of purpose of use, disclosure, revision, addition or deletions of contents, cessation of cancellation of use and cessation of provision to a third party.
Procedures for disclosure
For procedures and cautions for requesting disclosure of personal information, please refer to Procedures for Disclosure in Provisions for Disclosing Personal Information.
The Company shall respond appropriately after investigating relevant facts when requests for correction, addition, deletion, cessation of use, and cessation of provision of personal information to a third party are received.

Established on March 15th, 2005
Revised on January 11th, 2017

Misaka, Shigetaka
President & CEO
A&T Corporation


Information on protection of personal information

The person responsible for protection of personal information
Information Systems Division, Information Systems Group Leader

Purpose of use of personal information

We shall use personal information acquired from our stakeholders to the extent necessary to achieve the following business and purposes of use.

(Business Description and Purpose of Use)

Purpose of Use of Disclosed Personal Information

Personal information relating to customers

Client management
  • ・To process and analyze access records, such as access information and personal inquiry data on our website
  • ・Sending gratuities to participants in questionnaires
  • ・Provision of information and management of academic conferences, seminars, and exhibitions
  • ・To appropriate manage and utilize information necessary for transactions with customers
  • ・Handling of inquiries regarding our products and services, consultations, requests for repairs, etc. (Management, operation, records, etc.)
  • ・Responses to inspections and repairs of our products (Management, operation, records, etc.)
Businesses necessary for us to operate
  • ・To improve services for customers and contribute to providing effective products
  • ・To appropriately and smoothly execute transactions with customers
  • ・Responses to business negotiations and meetings

Personal information relating to applicants for employment (including internships) and retirees

Responses to general recruitment activities
Provision of information to and communication with retirees

Personal information relating to employees

Employment management of employees
    Purpose of use of personal information acquired by means other than in writing directly from the individual concerned

Personal information relating to customers

Client management
  • ・Responses to inquiries, consultations, requests for repair, etc. regarding our products and services (Management, operation, records, etc.*1)
  •   *1 Call recordings are also included for the purpose of ensuring the accuracy of support and improving       the quality of operations, including telephone service.
Businesses necessary for us to operate
  • ・Handling of visitors to our facilities and equipment*2
  •   *2 Certain areas are monitored by surveillance cameras for security purposes.

Personal information retained as a subcontractor

When providing our products and services as a subcontractor, we may temporarily acquire personal information relating to customers through business activities, but we shall notify the customer of the purpose in advance and shall not use the information for any other purpose. In addition, we shall not collect, store, use, provide, or consign personal information relating to customers through businesses outsourced by them.

Personal information on the website

  • ・Purpose of Use of Personal Information
    Please note that we write the purpose of use of personal information on the page through which you send your personal information.
  • ・Recording and Use of Access Log
    The fact that you accessed our website will be recorded and stored as an access log in the server. The information recorded includes the date and time when you accessed our website, the pages you visited, domain names, IP addresses and the kind of browser you used. We utilize the information to better manage and improve the website.
  • ・Safety and security when sending personal information
    On our website, we enhance security by adopting SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), encryption technology, in order to protect personal information from improper access by third parties when personal information is provided through a browser. (SSL is encoded by your computer and flows through the network until it reaches a registered computer.)

Complaints and Consultations

Although we expand all possible means in handling personal information, we will handle customer complaints promptly and appropriately by investigating relevant facts. Please direct complaints and consultations to Complaints and Consultation Regarding Personal Information below.

Complaints and Consultation Regarding Personal Information

10F, Yokohama Plaza Bldg. 2-6 Kinko-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
221-0056 Japan
+81-45-440-5813 (Compliance Management Division)
Inquiry about the Personal Information

* When visiting our office, please contact us first to make an appointment.

Website Terms of Use


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Link to the Website

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