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Laboratory Reports

Goto Central Hospital May.2002

※Name of facility and titles are from the time of visit.

As the Medical Center for Isolated Island

I. Preface

Director: Masahiro YATSUGI
Masahiro YATSUGI

The hospital was established as one of the main medical facilities for the Nagasaki prefecture and the isolated island area belonging to the Nagasaki prefectural isolated island medical district association. Its history started from 1877 and it has been called the Goto Central Hospital since 1968 after the merge of two hospitals.
In 2002, they newly constructed the facility and moved to follow up the updated technology by installing systems such as MRI and ordering system.

<Goto Central Hospital>

Address: 205, Yoshikugi-cho, Fukue, Nagasaki, 853-8691
No. of Dept.: 15
No. of Beds: 304
No. of Staff: 269

Goto Central Hospital

They installed LIS and LAS connected to the ordering system and started the pre-consulting testing service, in which clinical test is performed on the day of medical consulting and the doctor examines patients with results in hand. We will introduce the system below.

II. LIS (Laboratory Information System)

Chief Technologist Nohara:
The CLINILAN NT/GL is connected to other sub systems. Since it is also connected to the ordering system more throughput can be expected as well as less paper consumption. The Zonal Verification Method installation has attained unification of the range of data allowance that used to be different depending on the individual.



III. LAS (Laboratory Automation System)

Chief Technologist Nohara:
Reporting time is one of the main purposes in the design of the system. Now, test results are reported in about 45 min. which is less time than expected. Two clinical chemistry analyzers including one for back up that can be on stand-by all the time are connected. The one from the previous hospital was remodeled and connected. One serum immunology analyzer is connected as the main instrument. Others are off line though aliquot is performed by LAS.



IV. Workflow

Blood Collection Room

The Blood Collection room is located at the entrance of the laboratory. A vessel or cup with a barcode is prepared when the ordering terminal reads the ID card. The reception system by the OMR is provided as a back-up system for the ordering system.

Blood Collection Room

Blood Collection Table


The start positions of LAS (Clinical Chemistry, Serum Immunology) and blood are set right behind the blood collection table. The layout takes working schema into consideration.

Clinical Chemistry / Serum Immunology

A centrifuged sample is inserted into LAS as needed for rapid testing so the number of samples at one time is small.
The sample is passed to the analyzers, ARCHITECT i2000 and two BM1250s, and stored at the terminal stocker afterwards. The aliquot of the sample from LAS is set in AxSYM.

Chief Technologist Nohara:
The less reagent consumption of BM1250 is financially helpful. Also the Zonal Verification Method that automatically conducts reruns by verifying results in LAS is extremely efficient as they are conducted without us having to be concerned of its verification.

Decapper, Aliquot Unit
Decapper, Aliquot Unit

ARCHITECT i2000, BM1250
ARCHITECT i2000, BM1250



On-line analyzer AxSYM

HCL-723GHbV A1c2.2 HbA1c
CTE-780 Protein Fraction
Fuji Drychem 6000 NH3

Blood Testing

Blood Testing area

A sorted sample is measured by XE-AlphaN and smear is prepared. The microscopy area is situated at the downstream of the flow to smoothen the blood testing workflow.

General Testing

General Testing area

From the collection point of urine samples, Clinitek Atlas and UF-100 are set for labor saving and rapid operations.

Ⅵ. From Chief Clinical Technologist Nohara

Chief Technologist Nohara:
Because we play an important role in providing medical care in the isolated island area, many people come from distant areas. We believe it is very meaningful that we provide pre-consulting testing service so that patients can be clinically examined and consulted in one day. Even though there is a big tendency for a change in laboratories, we will continue our effort in improving services we provide and be more actively involved outside of the laboratory as an essential department within the hospital.

Chief Technologist Nohara

Special thanks to Chief Technologist Nohara and the laboratory staff of Goto Central Hospital.